What is Android Studio?

The Android Development Environment

By Bersyte, Published on November 22, 2020


The Android Studio IDE is a dedicated development environment for creating and running Android apps.

The Development Environment

As a developer, we need a system or environment where we can create our apps.

A development system or environment is a term that refers to having everything you need in order to develop, set up, and be ready to go in one place.

There is a whole range of tools that are required to develop Android apps. This whole suite of requirements is collectively known as the Android Software Development Kit (SDK).

We can have all these things by downloading and installing a single application on our PC or laptop. This single application is called Android Studio.

So, what is Android Studio?

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What is Android Studio?

Android Studio is an IDE (integrated development environment) dedicated to creating and running Android apps.

Android Studio takes care of all the complexities of compiling our code and linking with the JDK (Java Development Kit) and Android API.

Once you have installed the Android Studio, you can do everything you need inside this application.

Android Studio provides the following:

  1. Managing program resources
  2. Managing program sources for Kotlin, Java, and C++ (NDK – Native Development Kit)
  3. The ability to test and run apps inside emulators or connected real devices
  4. More testings tools
  5. A debugging facility
  6. Performance and memory profilers
  7. Code inspection
  8. Database inspection
  9. Tools to build and generate local or publishable apps.

The help included in the Android Studio and online resources provides enough information to master it.

Installing Android Studio can take a little time because it has 896 MB for free download. The last version is 4.1.1, and it is available for Windows, Mac, Linux, and Chrome OS.

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